Selecting the Right Snow and Ice Removal & Remediation Service

A snow event can obstruct your business and even create liability issues due to potential falls. That’s why it’s vital to plan ahead to ensure selecting the right snow removal and ice remediation service can keep your property clear, safe from potential slips and falls, and accessible.


A service should communicate with you about every aspect of what they do. That includes the extent of the service they provide, whether they just clear a small section in front of a door or all paved areas, including sidewalks, as well as whether they use salt, shovels, or a combination of the two.

You should also know when they arrive and how long they’ll take to do the job, as well as what amount of snow is required for them to come out.

At Cushman & Wakefield, our wide range of services include full seasonal no tolerance with pre-treating, per event in a 12-hour period, and seasonal based on a trigger of 1″ or greater.


Your service should anticipate snow events and be prepared to go to work for you. Our dedicated Cushman & Wakefield staff is always working to track weather events and alert you when our snow removal services will start. When the storm ends, we give you a detailed report of the event that includes its duration, temperature, and snowfall amount. We’re committed to staying informed about weather events and keeping you apprised.

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White Paper Download: 5 Key Considerations-Snow Removal Services

Customer Service Oriented To Give You Peace of Mind

You need confidence that the service you choose will remove snow and remediate ice in a reasonable amount of time.

In addition, they ought to be flexible enough to work in a schedule that doesn’t interfere with or impede your own organization’s business. Do they work overnight so your business can open in the morning?

Quite a bit of logistics also goes into providing quality service. The company you choose should be eager to work with you on such details as:

  • where to push the snow
  • how to keep driving lanes clear
  • minimize disruption
  • prevent property damage
  • prevent ice and snow from accumulating on the property

This is crucial to keeping your business uninterrupted in the case of a snowstorm.

At Cushman & Wakefield, we look forward to serving your snow and ice remediation and remediation needs by fulfilling the following type of contracts:

Per Push, Per Application

Per Event (12-hour period)

Seasonal (based on trigger of 1” or greater)

Full Seasonal (no tolerance, including pretreating)

White Paper Download: 5 Key Considerations-Snow Removal Services

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