Cushman & Wakefield Preventive Facility Services

Designed to reduce equipment failures, reduce repair costs, reduce production downtime, and reduce the potential deterioration of equipment.

Save Money

Keep your equipment serviced and operational so you don’t get hit with unexpected downtime.

Maximize Efficiency

Get more done with equipment operating a optimal capacity.

Prolong Equipment Life

Lower your total cost of ownership by extending the lifespan through meticulous care and maintenance.

“We have been able to leverage Cushman & Wakefield for a variety of service types, from preventive to reactive maintenance. They’re very adaptive to our needs, which has been a real benefit of the relationship. You know they can serve you along several trades and in various capacities.”
National Quick Service Restaurant

Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Most maintenance plans are reactive; they wait until something breaks to deploy a service technician. What if, though, some of those breaks could be avoided? What if maintenance became a proactive process, something getting ahead of any potential equipment problems?

Preventive Facility Maintenance provides a roadmap for planned maintenance activity, including planned work orders to address any potential problems identified by regular facility inspections. By leading with a proactive FM plan, your company optimizes equipment performance, increases efficiency, and saves money.

Facilities Maintenance
  • Chaotic maintenance activities
  • Increased, unplanned downtime of equipment
  • Equipment and facility assets that frequently break
  • Extensive delays between identifying an issue and resolution
  • Continued use of malfunctioning systems
Facilities Maintenance
  • Organized, prioritized maintenance activities
  • Fully functional equipment and building components
  • Fewer instances of equipment or process failure
  • Timely response to service and maintenance calls
  • Upgraded facilities
  • Frequent, routine facility audits

The Cushman & Wakefield Promise

  • Communication - We proactively and accurately communicate updates and changes in the process in advance of your deadlines.
  • Ownership - We show customers our superior level of competency and ownership of the process.
  • Timeliness - We are on time and accurate with everything we do.
  • Trust - Our team is honest and transparent, communicating and owning any mistakes and correcting them, no matter what.

Insights From The Facilities Institute

Achieve True Results with Preventive Services

Preventing problems before they occur is less expensive then equipment failures. By using a preventative maintenance plan from Cushman & Wakefield, you increase your ROI and and enhance operations.