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Cushman & Wakefield on-demand FM services offers you greater convenience, speed, and simplicity–done faultlessly.


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"Cushman & Wakefield has positioned itself as a networked provider with a large network of vendors, who will work to provide you coverage even in remote locations. They deliver quality service with better data and process visibility, which all drive great value for us."
National Multi-Site Retailer
Facility Manager

Done Right, Right When You Need

Some things with your facilities are predictable, making it easy to plan and prepare. Yet when something happens that’s critical to business operations, you need it resolved correctly. And fast. Developing an on-demand response team internally is a massive operation, something that’s both costly and time-consuming.

Instead, get a FM expert to partner with you for your on-demand needs. With an extensive network of proven tradesmen, Cushman & Wakefield has the infrastructure, expertise, and systems already in place to deploy the right person to your site quickly. Our internal processes ensure you get the right tradesman on-site to correctly address the situation, all for best-in-class value. Our team has extensive experience in everything from higher education to OEM to hospitality and beyond, so we have what it takes to help you now, no matter the scale.

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The Cushman & Wakefield Promise

  • Communication - We proactively and accurately communicate updates and changes in the process in advance of your deadlines.
  • Ownership - We show customers our superior level of competency and ownership of the process.
  • Timeliness - We are on time and accurate with everything we do.
  • Trust - Our team is honest and transparent, communicating and owning any mistakes and correcting them, no matter what.

Insights From The Facilities Institute

On-Demand FM Services Without Limits

Businesses want services at their convenience and quick answers to their questions – or, in other words, on demand.