Higher Education Campus Facilities

We make facilities management easy. Cushman & Wakefield delivers advanced solutions and powerful tools to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

Strategic Priorities

Improve the physical performance and appearance of your buildings to support the academic activities of your institution.

Efficiency in Operations and Maintenance

Create a pleasant, comfortable, safe, and sustainable environment in which to learn, teach, and work.

Preservation of Value

Ensure the long-term value of your property through maintenance, replenishment, replacement, and planning.

“They provide the comprehensive trade coverage we need. I’ve used 5-10 trades in their portfolio, and they have 75-100 trades total. They do everything from commercial HVAC to landscaping.”
For Profit National Specialty Trade Company

This Is The New Normal

You can do more with less without adding complexity and stress to your facilities management plan. By partnering with Cushman & Wakefield, you leverage the experience and expertise of more than two decades of extensive work in facilities management. Improve your bottom line and lead a more valuable institution by leveraging our best-in-class integrated facility management solutions, creating greater value for your campus.

new normal

Lead the Pack in Higher Education Facilities Management

Cushman & Wakefield will ensure that your campus has what is needed,
when it’s needed, and precisely where it’s needed.

Insights From The Facilities Institute

The Cushman & Wakefield Promise

  • Communication - We proactively and accurately communicate updates and changes in the process in advance of your deadlines.
  • Ownership - We show customers our superior level of competency and ownership of the process.
  • Timeliness - We are on time and accurate with everything we do.
  • Trust - Our team is honest and transparent, communicating and owning any mistakes and correcting them, no matter what.

Full Line of Integrated FM Services, All Designed to Exacting Standards Specifically For Your OEM

Wouldn’t it be reassuring that if and when you know what hits the proverbial fan, you have a partner like Cushman & Wakefield behind you? We save you time and money from having to track down multiple vendors for service and support.