Put an end to
Value Leakage in outsourced
facilities management services.

Founded in 1997, QSI Facilities is the leader in high-performance facilities management and construction services nationwide. Learn how Value Leakage in outsourced facilities services inflates costs. Discover how QSI Facilities can help you overcome Value Leakage to improve performance and reduce costs.

Benefit from data-driven best practices developed in collaboration with industry leaders.

QSI Facilities understands that overcoming Value Leakage is an industry-wide challenge. To address this challenge, QSI has established The Facilities Institute, a center of excellence for clients, project teams and field service partners. The diagram at the right shows our four-pronged approach for helping clients overcome Value Leakage in outsourced facilities services.

01 Industry Standards

Meet or exceed the industry’s highest standards for performance and cost savings.

Experienced facilities management executives understand that the price quoted per hour for any given trade doesn’t drive savings. Performance does. We work with clients across sectors to establish common industry standards and best practices for field service performance and cost control.

02 Performance Analytics

Our Six Sigma trained account teams apply advanced analytics to foster continuous improvement.

Chances are your facilities management teams are too overwhelmed with work orders to proactively manage field service performance. QSI account teams apply industry standards along with your unique KPIs to measure, manage, improve and report our performance for your company.

03 Field Process Optimization

Our field service partners benefit from closed loop management of your requirements and KPIs.

We help our field service partners optimize and standardize their processes through communications and technology to meet and exceed industry standards and your unique KPIs. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, for example, are critical for establishing proof of service and real-time updates. QSI’s IVR compliance rates lead the industry.

04 Onboarding and Training

Our field partners undergo extensive screening, training and technology enablement.

QSI’s partner onboarding and training processes helps us attract and retain the highest performing contractors throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Our network of over 50,000 pre-qualified vendors meet all requirements for documentation and compliance and meet the industry’s highest standards for performance.


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